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Timeless India - by Kumar Mangwani
Power of Faith


Faith is the belief in the unseen or the un-manifest, a belief full of conviction and trusting the un-known.


A pilgrimage begins with a question.


Since ages humans have been seeking the ancient texts for an ideal conception of the divine, and have embarked upon an infinite task of reinforcing this faith to reflect upon the ideals of dharma. In exchange of earning a merit, the ultimate liberation, his capacities have made him build, with conscience, permanent dwellings for Gods and Goddesses. He has then been tirelessly consecrating these sacred temples in return of divine knowledge and enlightenment.


But Why?


Running my hands over the time-worn stone walls of the Brihadeshwara temple at Thanjavur, there is a profound sense of this introspection. Of the many paintings of the Nayanmars (8th century saints devoted to Shiva) adorning the walls of this grand temple, one depicts Sundarar reaching Mount Kailas on a white elephant. In a submission bursting with faith, Sundarar sought his salvation and pleads with Shiva for him to be called to the Holy Kailas.


When will the end draw nigh?
Sense fade, life close,
And I the bier ascend?
This, but this, is all my thought!


Our life is all unreal
Its end is only dust
Out of the sea of birth
Come ruin, pain and lust
Delay, not to do good!