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Timeless India - Artist Profile

by Kumar Mangwani



Artist Statement

Like for most amateurs, photography for me was an accident. It all began when my uncle gifted me an SLR camera, a real warhorse of those days while still in my late teens. Over the next few years I experimented with a lot of subjects and eventually honed my skills to focus more on heritage, travel and spirituality. I have traveled across the breadth of India participating in various festivals this country prides in. Apart from a few workshops, I am a self-taught person constantly reading and reinventing on the subject. My formative years have been one of Inquisitive, Introspective and Instinctive. Later, with my formal education in Architecture I polished my compositions and lighting.

All along this path, there have been motivators who have been shaping up my passion. Raghu Rai and Steve McCurry are ones from whom I draw my inspirations even to date. From their works I have learnt to search and seek a frame which conveys exuberant energy and should be alive enough to hold back a thoughtful eye rather than just a flitting glance.

Born and brought about in Pune, India, I am a Bachelor in Architecture from Pune University. After a short stint in Mumbai I got down to mind my own business. My current forte is Interior and Architectural designing.

And when my work is not demanding of me, I spent time probing mystic readings, or soul-searching the Himalayas, or often writing about my travel experiences.

I have about 65 plus articles and photographs regularly published in various magazines such as Discover India, Jetwings, Spice Route, Beyond Sindh and Lonely Planet India apart from a few blogs in Asian Age, Indian Express, etc.

I have curated two solo exhibitions

  • June 2005 : Spirit of India - Pune, Indiaart Gallery
  • May 2008 : Holy Waters, Mumbai, Piramal Gallery, NCPA. A preview of this show was held in Pune at Indiaart Gallery

I often partake in various competitions having received honors. Briefly these were


Contact Information
Kumar Mangwani
Address : 1194/14 A, Shivaji Nagar, Pune 411005, India.
Email : kmangwani@gmail.com