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Keywords: Professional Artists, Emerging Artists, Paintings, Children's Art
Timeless India - by Kumar Mangwani


The ancient Greeks used the word 'aisthesis'- (meaning perception) to define an object of beauty or art.


Like a verse made of metaphors, lyricism… and the entirety of rhetoric; beginning with a promise and concluding with an applauding climax; an entity of art is judged by the weight of elements- appeal, contradictions…and all the narrations in the frame.


Like a verse with its flow, its wit and twists, its confidence and connection to itself and its core, a frame of art is mediated upon its higher sense of purpose and its hold on the beholder


Like a verse with its profound 'point of view', verse after verse, read and re-read; a setting of art has its intervening gravity of aesthetic overlaps and reflections- a visualization leading to illusion.


There is an unspeakable element in every art!


India is an experience of fascination and magnificence. This ascetic timeless wonderland, considered as the cradle of mystical and religious devotion is a land where contemplation is a normal way of life. It thrives as a kaleidoscope of cultures and colors intertwined within its diversity of religions and regions


It is a land replete with ageless textures- these timeless ancient visions yet flourish in the same fairy-tale settings. Be it the festivities of Holi at Brajbhoomi, or the undulating landscape of Pushkar or the temples dotting Tamil Nadu.


Such bridging visions of endearment celebrate the immortality of this land.