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The Forgotten Postcards - About the Exhibition

by Ivan Gomes



painting by Ivan Gomes

Christmas is a time which calls for festive cheer and family celebrations! The true spirit of Christmas is felt at home, when the warmth of your loved ones, overcomes you with an acute nostalgia of your childhood days. Each year, when I go back home, I find myself, rummaging through my old junkyard and end up discovering things, which floods my mind with memories sweet! This year, I found an old set of postcards from various parts of the world. I remember, it was gifted to me by my Uncle, who is no longer a part of this world. The joy of finding these long lost postcards was indomitable! It has inspired me so much, that I decided to paint these pictures on a canvas and relive the days of the golden past. ‘The Forgotten Postcards’ series is not a copy of the original postcards. It is simply a reference, turned into a composition with the figments of my imagination.


So, here’s hoping, my featured online exhibition will offer a visual delight to your eyes. Cheers!