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Himalayan Odyssey

Paintings by Kishor Randiwe




Himalayan Odyssey, paintings by Kishor Randiwe at Indiaart Gallery, Pune

It was more than 10 years ago, that Milind Sathe, founder of Indiaart Gallery, suggested to senior artist Shri. Kishor Randiwe, that he should create a series of paintings on Himalayas. Milind Sathe had a long fascination with the paintings of the great Russian painter, Nicholas Roerich, who worked extensively in the Himalayan region. The paintings of Nicholas Roerich are spread across prestigious museums all over the world.


What followed was intense thinking, travels and lots of work. It was clear to both Shri. Kishor Randiwe and Milind Sathe that the paintings need to reflect all that Himalayas symbolise. These mountains are majestic, beautiful, they are the protectors of this land and its culture and they are the abode for the Gods.


Over the last 10 years, Shri. Kishor Randiwe has created a large body of work on the Himalayas and this journey will continue. Shri. Kishor Randiwe ( born : 1952 ) is an alumnus of Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. He was fortunate to have as his gurus, distinguished masters such as Shri. Shankar Palshikar and Shri. G. S. Haldankar. From his first show in 1972, Shri. Kishor Randiwe has been painting for the last 48 years.


On display in this show will be paintings by Shri. Kishor Randiwe, all in Oil on Canvas.