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Climate Change - Introduction

by Prakash Bal Joshi



While environmentalists, scientists and other activists have been warning about the dreadful impact Climate Change is likely to have on the our planet for a considerable period, it was the warning and a passionate campaign run by Mr. Al Gore, former Vice President of United States, that made the world community and policy makers sit up and take notice..


In the last few years we have started witnessing the ominous signs of the catastrophes that would stare us in the face if we do not heed to the repeated warnings being issued by the concerned citizens. It is unfortunate that the human race although supposed to be the most evolved chooses to ignore the threats looming large on the horizon that could threaten its very existence. It is difficult to say whether this is borne out of lethargy or the arrogance of the so called superior intelligence. May be it is a wake up call by Mother Nature to put the human species on a notice and hope that this intelligent creation of hers changes course and corrects itself.


I have been interacting with journalist and artist Mr. Prakash Bal Joshi for the last few years. It was nice to see somebody making a statement on such an important issue through the medium of visual art. Indiaart Gallery sponsored an exhibition of paintings by Mr. Prakash Bal Joshi at Pune in 2009 and subsequently facilitated an exhibition of his paintings at Hotel Leela Kempinski, Bangalore on the occassion of World Environment Day in 2011.


This collection of paintings inspired by various aspects relating to Climate Change will hopefully stir up the imagination of the society at large and will act as a catalyst for definitive action by all those who realise the danger and would like to make necessary course corrections.


Indiaart is happy to present this collection of artworks which I believe is important for humanity.


Milind Sathe

May 2014