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Beyond Highway NH4 - Artist Profile

Sketches by Anwar Husain



Artist Anwar Husain A sensitive mind, Anwar has always painted his inner expressions and clearly belongs to that rare genre of artists who paint what truly is their calling. In the last ten years he has been painting, he has created a distance base of collectors and art connoisseurs who have been following his progress and new works. Anwar has worked on several themes till date which include a series on Indian Classical Musicians which is done with his own special rendering of overlapping colours, creating a variety of tonality and movement through lines and textures. A series on Old Havelis (Mansions that were once an abode of the royals and wealthy), a series on life and times in a city, paintings of school children and their childhood....Anwar's Goa series created a degree of permanence, portraying the feel and flow of life with all its colourful nuances and experiences. Anwar's portrayal of a village courtyard depicting a Ganesha mandir in the background, is still one of his most popular paintings. In his paintings on Mumbai series, each work is bearing a stamp of sensitive treatment of the subject and his inner feelings coming out gently on the canvas.... Anwar was born in 1975 in a small village called Budhgao, near Sangli, surrounded by the nearby princely states of Miraj and Aundh. His favourite mediums are Oil & Acrylic on Canvas and Watercolour on Paper. Anwar's palette of colours brings a breath of freshness to all his paintings.



  • 1975
  • Beyond Highway NH4 by Anwar Husain-2


Academic Background

  • 2000 : Diploma in Art Education, Kalavishawa Mahavidyalaya, Sangli M. S.
  • 1999 : G. D. Art, Drawing and Painting Kalavishawa Mahavidyalaya, Sangli M. S.


Solo Exhibitions

  • 2010 : Nehru Centre Art Gallery Mumbai
  • 2010 : 'Memories & Mumbai' Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2008 : 'Almiras' Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2008 : 'Preview' of Almira at Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2006 : 'Past Present Portraits' Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2004 : 'Goan Rhapsody' Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2003 : 'Nostalgia' Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2003 : 'Ebadat' Homage to the maestros Indiaart Gallery, Pune


Online Exhibitions

  • June 2008 : Almira series Exhibited online at www.indiaart.com
  • July 2004 : Goan Rhapsody Show online at www.indiaart.com


Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2011, 2010, 2009 : 'Art Fusion' show, Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2008 : 'CHATAK' Monsoon show Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2007 : 'Music & Musicians' Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2006 : 'Pride of Maharashtra' Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2005 : 'Rain' show Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2004 : Artists of Today's and Tomorrow's Artists Centre, Mumbai
  • 2002 : 'Melange' Inn Galleria at Holiday Inn, Pune
  • Regular Participation in Important exhibitions in India



  • 1998 : State Art Award by Govt. of Maharashtra, Best Landscape
  • 1998 : V. V. Oak Memorial Art Award by Tilak Smarak Trust, Best Landscape
  • 1998 : Best Landscape Award, Kalavishawa Mahavidyalaya Annual Function
  • 1997 : Best Landscape Award, Kalavishawa Mahavidyalaya Annual Function
  • 1997 : Best Portrait Award, Kalavishawa Mahavidyalaya Annual Function



  • Paintings are in the collection of art galleries, many corporate offices and individual art lover's in India, USA, Australia, UK.