Paintings from Himachal and Kumaon hills

Subsequent to the first show of the series “Call of the Hills” in 2012, which featured paintings and sketches from Western Ghats, we decided to go north and start the process of exploring the Himalayan region. These paintings are a result of extensive travels in the hills of Himachal Pradesh and Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. Artist Chitra Vaidya who has been working with me on this series has done a commendable job in painting the breathtaking views from the hills of Himachal and Kumaon apart from the people, culture and heritage of that region. I thoroughly enjoyed the process of shooting in this region and discussing various compositions with Chitra for her paintings and sketches.

Call of the Hills - Invitation

Artist Chitra Vaidya

While Chitra is an accomplished watercolour painter and has a large base of art collectors who have her paintings and sketches in their collection, she springs a pleasant surprise this time with several canvases painted in oil colours. They bring out vividly the richness of colours from the Himalayas, the sheer expanse of the landscapes there and the unspoilt nature which beckons you all the time. Read the blog posts related to artist Chitra Vaidya.

Serene and sacred hills

No wonder the Gods chose the Himalayas to be their abode. It is the serenity which makes this region so sacred for all of us. Chitra has managed to capture and convey the serenity and sacredness through her paintings and sketches.

Milind Sathe
Founder, Indiaart
Trustee, Art India Foundation

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