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Emerging Artists

Sangita Sarkar

Artist Sangita Sarkar Artist Statement :

I am an engineer by qualification however art has always been my passion. I love to paint portrait and human lifestyle. I also get inspiration from nature which makes me paint the beauty of nature.

Since I did not have a formal degree in this field I trained myself by attending many workshops. I first cleared the basic concepts from an eminent artist from Academy of fine arts Kolkata. He gave me lot of encouragement to proceed in this field.

For last two years I have been teaching children the knowledge of art. I teach them to see the world as an artist and by doing so I also learn many things from them.

Presently I am mostly into realistic paintings however in near future I am also aiming at abstract. I love to play with different colours and am planning to start some colourful abstract composition.


  • In Search of peace, Painting by Sangita Sarkar
  • Dinning, Painting by Sangita Sarkar
  • Buddha, Painting by Sangita Sarkar
  • Slum Girl, Painting by Sangita Sarkar