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Sold : In Transit - 18, painting by Malavika Mandal Andrew

25 August 2017

Sold : In Transit - 18, painting by Malavika Mandal Andrew


This painting by Malavika Mandal Andrew has been sold.
Malavika Mandal Andrew is part of the Professional Artists section of Indiaart.


Title : In transit - 18
Medium : Mixed Media on Mount board
Size : 15 x 11 inches


Malavika Mandal Andrew's paintings are inspired by the five elements that constitute Life. For Malavika, these five elements and the human being have an interdependency and maintain a fine balance. However the concept of progress and development in the modern world, disturbs this delicate balance, as human beings have no compunction in sacrificing the nature to satiate the ever increasing greed.

Her artworks make a statement on this sad transition that the society goes through as it aspires for growth, development and comforts. This process of transition creates obstacles between the human and the five elements.

Each artwork by Malavika has plethora of mediums combined to get the desired effect. She is able to seamlessly combine materials as diverse as tapestry, fabric, digital collage, paints, thread, engraving, and more...


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