Art Number 20684
Artwork Title The Soul Unity
Artist Name Nehal Shah
Medium Watercolour on Paper
Size 30 x 22 inches (76.2 x 55.88 cm)
Other details Paper used : 300 GSM Art paper
Price SOLD
Information See the blog post on Nehal Shah's art :
Philosophy of life in paintings with vibrant colours and traditional motifs
Nehal Shah’s painting The Soul Unity has been sold

Conversations :
Nehal Shah on her painting "The Soul Unity" (Hindi)
Nehal Shah on her painting "The Soul Unity" (English)

The feeling of Divine Love is the driving source of Positivity in Universe. The purest form of Love connects you with Him.
The soul is the essence of living being and love is the essence of life and with the essence of life, The Love, we may nurture the essence of living, The Soul. The Soul Unity suggests that all the forms in this University are generated by the beauty of Love, the Love which is untouched by ego, the Love which allows us to surrender ourselves to this nature in order to realize our creative insight. This kind Love tends to purify our self and makes us understand the nature of the living-beings and this understanding develops the acceptance of presence of all living beings and also their individual nature and thereby help in eliminating the conflict.
This divine feeling of Love unites all the forms at the level of soul. We being different from each other feels connected with this bond know as Love- the driving force of this nature as well as of creativity.

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