Attraction of Unknown, painting by Uday Raghuwanshi

Attraction of Unknown, Sculpture by Artist Uday Raghuwanshi

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Art Number 14126
Artwork Title Attraction of Unknown
Artist Name Uday Raghuwanshi
Medium 3D Printed ABS, Alumina, Resin (Mixed Media)
Size 55 x 20 x 52 inches (139.7 x 50.8 x 132.08 cm)
Weight 20.00 Kg
Price Price on Request
Information This conceptual art is based on a spiritual philosophy quoted by Julian Johnson in his famous work The Path of the Masters :

"With the grace of Great Living Master, realization of two things in the spiritual state [inner raptures]: the longing to see God, obscuring all else, so intense is the desire and the other is an excessive gladness and delight, which is so extreme that while living, the soul appears to swoon away and seems on the verge of leaving the body."

Which means every soul has a right to know the Creator and not only to spend the whole life in realization of his creations. Here it symbolizes : Mermaid as a seeker, Dolphin as a Great Living Master who supervises the world and the after world, Fishes are those souls who entangled in the creation and Anchor itself represents creation.

This life size 3d printed sculpture took more than 900 printing hours, eye catchy pearly finish, more than 180 days to personify the philosophy and the outcome is a precious sculpture that depicts a secret of life.

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