Exhibition of Ajanta paintings

Indiaart Gallery is delighted to present "Ajanta" collection which features intricate and beautiful paintings from the world famous Ajanta caves. These paintings have been painstakingly created by senior artist Vijay Kulkarni who has dedicated his life to painting Ajanta frescoes.

The collection on display will include iconic Ajanta paintings on canvas such as Padmapani and Chakrapani, Preaching of Buddha, Royal Bath, Gautam Buddha in Dhyana Mudra, Maya, Arundhati on a swing and several others.

Ajanta caves have several relatively well preserved mural paintings. The paintings cover wide ranging subjects such as life in the court of a prosperous king's court, several decorative motifs, Jataka tales, various avatars of Buddha and many more. The paintings at Ajanta amply demonstrate that the Indian painter had mastered an easy and fluent naturalistic style, dealing with large groups of people.

About the artist

Shri. Vijay Kulkarni (born : 1951) is a senior artist who studied fine art at the Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. He has several exhibitions to his credit. His Ajanta paintings are in the collection of several well known individual collectors as well as corporate houses and other reputed organisations which include Rashtrapati Bhavan, Ministry of External Affairs, Air India, IDBI, Bank of Maharashtra and many more.

Comment by the curator

Milind Sathe, Director of Indiaart Gallery, who put together this exhibition, states that the Ajanta collection is precious and a must see for not only those who are interested in paintings and art but also for those who are interested in heritage and history. He further adds that Indiaart Gallery has also made arrangements to make available high quality canvas prints of these paintings.

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