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Events by Indiaart


Anna Aage Badho

A vibrant evening of Art, Music & Prayers organised by 'I Am Anna' club & 'Art India Foundation'


Milind V. Sathe announced the art project - "We The People" on Sunday 28th August 2011. Under this project, artists from all over India will be invited to work on the theme "We The People". The artists will express themselves through their art on their interpretation of the concepts such as power to the people, the vibrant democracy of India, people's movement and so on.


Inaugural Event

The announcement of the art project "We The People" was made on the occasion of a unique event featuring Art, music and prayers that was held at Chatuhshringi Temple premises on Sunday 28th August 2011 by members of "I Am Anna" club and "Art India Foundation" to commemorate the successful culmination of the nationwide people's movement. The event featured live painting by artists from Pune on the themes related to people's power, democracy, movement led by Anna and other related issues. The artists who painted live at this event include Kishor Ranadiwe, Nilesh Pawar, Manohar Desa, Vikram Kulkarni, Aboli Kadam, Yogini Ghatpande and others


Another attraction of the evening was 'Chakra', a music band from Pune who performed live and presented their much acclaimed song 'Anna aage badho'. This song has been played on several television channels and has gained popularity. There was a large turnout of people who thronged the venue and participated in the event with full vigour.


The evening culminated with a special prayer at the Chatuhshrungi Mandir for the success of people’s movement.