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Events by Indiaart


Indiaart comes to Aundh


Indiaart launched its new gallery in Aundh on the 3rd July with artist Vanita Jadhav of Pune. It appropriately opened with a display of paintings in a show titled, "Monsoon Show". The inauguration of the show was at the hands of the honorable Dr. Mohan Dharia & eminent industrialist B. G. Shirke. The artists have worked on the monsoon theme in their paintings & sculptures, creating a veritable downpour of colour in the new gallery. We owe this downpour to artists, G. A. Dandekar, Anwar Husain, Nilesh Pawar, Deepak Sutar, Milind Mulick, Ajay Deshpande, Dinkar Jadhav, Sanjay Khochare, Alka Bhandiwad, Ashok Dhivare, Kailas Hyalij, G. K. Dhanoo, Deepak Wankhede, Shubhada Mule, & sculptures by Pradeep Shinde, Santosh Dhadve & Vinod Yelarpurkar.



  • Dr. Mohan Dharia & eminent industrialist B. G. Shirke  along with the participating artists of the 'Monsoon Show'
  • Honorable Dr. Mohan Dharia lighting the lamp