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Events by Indiaart


Inauguration - Exhibition of paintings by Bengali artists at Indiaart Gallery

on 14th April 2005



History did not record the names of the artistes who painted the walls of Ajanta caves, neither we know who sculpted the temples of Konarak, Belur, Halebid, Dilwara and hoard of other exquisitely carved temples all over India. The Indian art form gradually lost footing on its own soil from the time when our lands where invaded by overseas alien cultures. Much later when we began learning painting on canvas in European style, a school was formed in Kolkata in the year 1854, the Art School of Bowbazar, as a private enterprise by a number of Indian and European art enthusiast. That sowed the seed of Bengal school established later by Abanindranath Tagore, Rabindranatha Tagore’s nephew and marked the revival of spirit of Ajanta.


The art movement initiated by Abanindranath through his Bengal School in the true Indian art tradition had put the Indian art form back onto the pedestal of glory it once lost. The movement got momentum and was spread through some of his extremely talented students in Nandalal Bose, Jamini Ray, Mukul De and others. Today’s artistes of Bengal are the crop of the same Indian tradition and to introduce them to the art lovers of the Cultural Capital of Maharashtra, Indiaart Gallery came up with a unique idea of showcasing some mind blowing works of various Bengali artiste from all over through a month long exhibition at the their gallery at in Patrakaar Nagar, Pune. This is not only a feast for Bengali art lovers alone. The art lovers of Pune at large shall be deeply benefited by this effort. Moreover, it could not have been organized at a better time as the exhibition has been inaugurated, by some eminent Bengalis of town and a leading Bengali artiste Sri Milon Mukherjee, just a day before the Bengali New Year day – Nabo Barsho.


The exhibition has… works of… Bengali artiste. Prominent out them were Ramananda Bandopadhyay, Milon Mukherjee, Sarbani Sen, Rabin Mandal etc. After the exhibition was inaugurated, a cultural performance took place, participated by the local Bengali population featuring works of Tagore, Parashuram etc. It was an enjoyable evening, which brought the right fervor with right kind of crowd from all communities of Pune.


Mr. Milind Sathe told us on behalf of the organizers that the idea was to bring about a cultural confluence and that this month long observation may also bring some other façades of the Bengali culture to enhance the aims and objectives of this programme.


It was a well-organized function and Mr. Sathe and his team deserve a very high commendation.


  • Lighting of the lamp
  • Visitors and Guests at the Gallery
  • Performers at the Cultural event
  • Audience at the Cultural event