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Events by Indiaart


Earth Hour - Live painting
by Sudhir Deshpande on 28th March 2009


Indiaart celebrated Earth Hour in a unique way by teaming up with maverick artist Sudhir Deshpande who painted a canvas in candlelight during that one hour period. The painting that Sudhir created at Indiaart symbolises Green Earth. He used Blue, Yellow and Black colours on a canvas. Sudhir feels that Blue stands for Depth, Water, Sky and a sense of floating whereas Yellow symbolises Life, Passion and Light. Blue and Yellow give rise to Green which speaks for Nature and what we need. The colour Black indicates attributes such as Support, Truth, Death, Backbone and Odds.


What Sudhir has created on canvas is a deep jungle of life and relations for prosperity and survival which is the present and future need for human beings and life. The white patches stand for transparency, clarity and light coming from the sky and through the leaves of the trees of the jungle.


The event was electrifying for everyone present and each one present was totally mesmerised. Here is a sampler of the responses of those who witnessed this unique celebration :


Siddharth, a finance professional felt that the idea of such an event at Indiaart was great and events like this would help spread the message so that more and more people join in.


Sukhada, a classical dancer felt that she felt to be so fortunate to witness this event as otherwise she would be sitting at home and wondering what to do. She felt that this was a very creative and emotionally satisfying way to celebrate and contribute to the cause.


Chitra, a music teacher at a local school felt that she was totally absorbed by the element of surprise, realisation and inspiration.