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Events by Indiaart


Mithila (Madhubani) Painting Demonstration

by Shanti Devi on 5th Sept. 2010


About Event arranged by Indiaart

Demonstration of Mithila art was conducted on 5th Sept by renowned artist Shanti Devi, originally from Bihar Mithila (Madhubani) Painting by Shanti Devi now settled in Delhi. The workshop was open to all. While answering queries on Mithila (Madhubani) art form, she also explained how old this art form is and the how they use to make the colours from. Like from Haldi they use to make yellow, from yellow mustard seeds and Sindoor they use to make red, from Parijaat flowers stem they make orange and from green from leaves and black from kajal. She also explained the process how to make the paper by using buffalo dung to make the paper useful for doing this painting. This kind of special paper is only used for this creating these Mithila paintings and how they use nib to draw outline and to add glue and fevicol in a colour which is to be used to make these paintings. She explained that the glue and fevicol binds the colour to this specially made Madhubani paper. There was lot of interest in participants to know about the tradition of this art form and paintings.


About Mithila (Madhubani) Art

Madhubani art form is 600 years old. This art form performs a variety of functions, both religious and social, inMithila (Madhubani) Painting by Shanti Devi relation to the communities who paint them. It starts from celebrations on the occasion of festivals, wedding celebrations and also on religious stories and worship Hindu god and goddess paintings. For wedding both the public areas of a house and the wedding hall would be painted. Public areas of the house would be painted with a variety of religious stories and scenes. The paintings represent each major deity in these scenes associated with the event and therefore give their blessings. Paintings done in the wedding hall would also tell religious stories which include Hindu fertility symbols. The bride and groom and their attendants might also be painted in to the picture, in order to align them with the deities depicted. On the occasion of wedding they draw painting which is called "Kobar" which is a main painting painted on wedding house wall. Subsequently many paintings related to this wedding are created depicting bride and groom performing different rituals at the time of wedding. The ritualistic painting would traditionally be done by all of the women of the household. Madhubani wall painting is a key part of village social and religious celebration.


About Artist Shanti Devi

Born in 1963, Bihar. Shanti Devi is a talented Mithila painter balancing imagination and creative design sense.Artist Shanti Devi, Mithila (Madhubani) Painter from BiharShe has hands-on experience and training in Organizations and for wall paintings at museums. She has a unique eye for color, highly creative, innovation, & insightful to identify client desires & achieve their goals, cultivate professional alliances with clients. She is a member of Hast Kala Samiti since 1998. She has given demonstrations of Mithila paintings at Canadian Museum, Canada, In Austria, France and she has worked with ASIANZ FOUNDATION in 2005 & 2007 at Auckland & Wellington. She was also invited in various institutions in India for Demonstrations and also invited in various craft mela’s in Chhatisgruh, Patiala, New Delhi and other cities in India. She has also given demonstrations in several schools in India. Her works are also published in children’s book published by Penguin Publishing.