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Events by Indiaart


Animal Pallette - Book launch by Tejas Modak at Bangalore

Oxford Bookstore, Leela Galleria, Leela Palace, Shop No:B4 to B8, 23, Airport Rd, Bangalore.



In Animal Palette you can lock horns with the big bully who bashes and bluffs everyone in sight or play a gruesome game of hide and seek with crows and owls... maybe go tiger hunting with the most ferocious and megalomaniacal wolf in the jungle... And meet the frog who has the answers to everything in life except his own fate... Animal Palette is a collection of animal stories by author Chetan Joshi, ranging from the romantic to the outright terrifying. Illustrator Tejas Modak has used a different medium and artistic style for each story making it a veritable palette of graphic fiction. It's a jungle in there!


About Illustrator Tejas Modak

Illustrator Tejas ModakTejas Modak lives in Pune and spends most of his hours writing, drawing, painting, making comics, gallivanting with a camera in tow and dreaming. He also works on film scripts and comic books for an animation company based in Pune. He loves cooking up stories, discussing the advantages of selective insanity or arguing with a friend with some beer by the side. That’s probably why he had such a great time collaborating on Animal Palette with Chetan.


His first graphic novel – Private-eye Anonymous : The Art Gallery Case - was published in 2008 and was well received commercially and critically. If he doesn't finish working on the sequel to it soon, close friends and anonymous callers have threatened him with dire consequences...


About Author Chetan Joshi

Chetan Joshi is a Pune based author with a flair for fiction from the absurd to stark raving reality. A software graduate, he abandoned his career in IT after 12 years to take up writing as his mainstream profession. Completely dedicated to the written word, he is a screenplay writer by day and storywriter by night till it is morning again. His penchant for creative experiments has made him write in almost every genre.


His animation film Gul Bakavali is to be released shortly. Cocktale Carnival, his next collection of stories is being published in the second term of 2010. Currently he is writing a novel - The Seven Deadly Skins and an international animation film.


His first book Blind Man's Buff (Nov. 2007, Reprint Mar. 2010) has received commendable literary praise - "Original Ideas. Diverse Themes. Vivid Descriptions. Compelling Plots. What more could one want? Chetan Joshi is a great story-teller.” - David Crystal, Author, The Cambridge Encyclopaedia Of The English Language