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St. Clare painting


Saint Clare painting by Sanika Pathania (13 years) from St. Joseph's Convent School, Pathankot, Punjab, won an honorable mention in Khula Aasmaan painting competition for children and art competition for young adults. This was for the drawing competition and painting contest for the period from January to March 2019.


Listen to child artist Sanika Pathania talk about her painting of St. Clare of Assisi


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Saint Clare of Assisi

St. Clare of Assisi (1194 – 1253), is an Italian saint and one of the first followers of Saint Francis of Assisi. She founded the Order of Poor Ladies, a monastic religious order for women in the Franciscan tradition, and wrote their Rule of Life, the first set of monastic guidelines known to have been written by a woman. Following her death, the order she founded was renamed in her honour as the Order of Saint Clare, commonly referred to today as the Poor Clares. Her feast day is on 11 August.


Short Biography

As a child, Clare was devoted to prayer. Francis placed Clare in the convent of the Benedictine nuns of San Paulo, near Bastia. In order to provide the greater solitude Clare desired, a few days later Francis sent her to Sant’ Angelo in Panzo, another monastery of the Benedictine nuns on one of the flanks of Subasio. Clare was soon joined by her sister Catarina, who took the name Agnes. They remained with the Benedictines until a small dwelling was built for them next to the church of San Damiano, which Francis had repaired some years earlier.
Other women joined them, and they were known as the “Poor Ladies of San Damiano”. They lived a simple life of poverty, austerity and seclusion from the world, according to a Rule which Francis gave them as a Second Order (Poor Clares).
San Damiano became the centre of Clare’s new religious order, which was known in her lifetime as the “Order of Poor Ladies of San Damiano”. San Damiano emerged as the most important house in the order, and Clare became its undisputed leader. By 1263, just ten years after Clare’s death, the order had become known as the Order of Saint Clare. She died on 11 August 1253 at the age of 59. Her last words as reported to have been, “Blessed be You, O God, for having created me.”
(source : Wikipedia)


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