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Artist Pradip Sarkar talks about his paintings at TRIO


Pradip Sarkar takes us on a tour of his paintings at the art exhibition “TRIO” at Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Worli, Mumbai.

Video of Pradip Sarkar




Pradip Sarkar was born in Dhanbad in the state of Jharkhand. Pradip is a gifted artist and a recognised name in the Indian Contemporary art since 1995. He has had over 40 art exhibitions to his credit which include painting exhibitions at Lalit Kala Akademi – New Delhi, Bhubaneshwar, Jehangir Art Gallery – Mumbai, Academy of Fine Arts – Kolkata, Exhibition with M. F. Husain – Prince of Wales Museum, Mumbai, Indian Academy of Fine Arts – Amritsar, World Trade Centre- Mumbai and many more.


While working on the theme of current scenario, his focus is on the spiritual and cultural aspects of Indian society. His work typically reflects his philosophy of life, his learning and his leanings towards music and harmony. His observations are the subjects for his canvases as he plays around with geometric boxed forms.
Pradip’s palette is warm, inviting and vivifying. His brush strokes exude serenity, soothing hues and a characteristic vibrancy that symbolises a frenetic pace and multitude of life’s elements.

His Paintings

Pradip Sarkar has been painting since his childhood. The focus of his paintings is on the spiritual and cultural aspects of Indian society. He loves to sketch and create compositions. For him, ART is divine and he tries to express this philosophy through his canvases.

  • Paintings by Pradip Sarkar
  • Conversation with Pradip Sarkar

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