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Watercolor painting video


Step by step watercolour painting


In this watercolor painting tutorial by artist and art teacher Chitra Vaidya, the watercolor painting video explains how to paint watercolours. It is a guide for step by step watercolor painting. This video focuses on the basics and techniques of watercolour painting. She has done it by conducting watercolour painting demo.


Artist and art teacher Chitra Vaidya


An avid painter and a popular art teacher, Chitra is an alumnus of Sir J. J. School of Art, Mumbai. She has been conducting art classes, painting workshops and painting demos for students, corporates and other organisations. Watercolour painting is one of her fortes. This video has been created for Khula Aasmaan, the platform for creative expression for children and college students. These videos will inspire children and college students to express themselves creatively. It will also help hobby artists, amateur artists and and emerging artists. For more videos, visit www.indiaart.com.


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