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Revolutionary Wheel, essay by Vaishnavi Shanbag

Vaishnavi Shanbag, Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya, Golap, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

Shortlisted science essay from Khula Aasmaan essay competition

Essay by Vaishnavi Shanbag, class 8, Mukul Madhav Vidyalaya, Golap, Ratnagiri, Maharashtra

This science essay was shortlisted from Science Day essay contest for children organised by Khula Aasmaan and Science Park, Pune.

In today’s world technology has developed at a higher level. All the gadgets that we use in today’s life are very advanced and unique. As a result there s a rapid development in technology. If we see around, we can see different types of wheels may it be the tyres of scooters or cars or the wheels in everyday machinery. The wheel has imbued with symbolic meanings, most famously, perhaps, as a metaphor of the never ending cycle of life.

Basically a wheel is a circular object that revolves on axle and is fixed below a vehicle or object to enable it to move easily over the ground. In ancient times when these wheels were not yet made, people used to go to other places by foot or used animals even if they had to send messages. But later an, after many years when the wheels were made the first wheels that were made were not used for transportation. Actually, they were created to sense as a potter’s wheel around 3500 B.C. Then slowly the people started using the wheel in cars and various kinds of machinery.

But later an when the technology developed the people used wheels for many purposes such as in cars, in bullocks cars, trains, trucks, buses and many other machinery. Basically wheel reduces friction and instead they simply slide on the ground. Also the invention of wheel led to many changes in our life such as they have made our transportation easier.

Basically, the ancient times ‘Wheel’ was not a perfect invention. But in today’s life it is the best invention for the whole world. Used of wheel and its importance are manifold to mankind we should view it as one of the greatest achievements of human history.

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