Science Contest Themes

Khula Aasmaan Science

Contest for Children (5 to 15 years) & College Students (16 to 25 years)
Free Entry | Quarterly Contest | Last date of submission 31st March 2019

Support your essay with references, facts and figures drawn from periodicals, magazines, books, websites and other sources. Mention these clearly at the bottom of your essay. It will be preferable if your essay includes relevant sketches, illustrations, cartoons or paintings done by you.

Essay Contest Themes
1. Future of Mobility

Write about how our mobility will change in the future. What do you think will happen when it comes to mobility options? Write about the likely scenario by 2050 for individual mobility as well as mass mobility.

2. Electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are evolving rapidly and are set to become a serious option for personal as well as public transportation. Write about how you see the future of electric vehicles.

3. My car can fly

Do you see a future car that can also fly? Write about your concept for such a car which can also fly.

4. Future of Computing

Computers have entered every aspect of our life. Where are we headed? Write an essay on the futures scenarios as you can imagine and visualise.

5. Will robots replace humans

There is an apprehension worldwide that eventually robots will replace humans in most tasks. Do you really think this will happen? Write an essay on the likely scenario and its implications.

6. Life in Outer Space

We all want to know if there is anybody out there in the outer space? If yes, what kind of life forms and civilisation will that be ? Write an essay on what could be the scenario.

7. Artificial Intelligence - a blessing or a threat?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is here to stay. AI will soon be part of everything that we do. Is it a blessing for the humanity or a threat ? Write an essay on your assessment with reasons.

8. Evolution - where are we headed

We are what we are after a continuous process of evolution spanning several million years. Where are we headed as human beings ? What about other life forms ? Write an essay on the the future scenario.

9. Screen vs. Paper

Availability of paper ensured that we started writing regularly. Vast knowledge started getting stored in the form of documents and journals. Printing technology made available books for masses. With the world going digital, knowledge is now getting stored digitally. Who will win? What would be your preference?

10. Search for new materials

Evolution of man and progress of human civilisation has been enabled by adoption of new materials for diverse applications such as hunting, agriculture, weapons, construction, transportation and many more. The search for newer materials continues. Write an essay on the evolving trends and likely scenarios.

11. Public transport - solution for pollution

One of the reasons for high levels of pollution in our cities is over dependence on personal transportation and lack of a robust public transportation system. Write an essay on what needs to be done and how this will tackle the problems of pollution and congestion.

12. Water recycling at point of consumption

We are heading towards a massive water crisis. One of the ways to tackle this crisis would be to resort to large scale water recycling, especially at the point of consumption.

13. Water as fuel

Can you imagine future vehicles which will use water as fuel? Write an essay on the feasibility of this along with your views and analysis of such a scenario.

14. Energy self reliance for India

India is heavily dependent on import of fossil fuels for its energy needs. The large import bill has been a burden on Indian economy for several decades. Develop a roadmap for self reliance in energy for India.

15. Food vs Fuel

Food grains can be used to feed people and animals. These can also be used to make fuels such as ethanol, biogas, biodiesel, etc. Write an essay on the choice that we need to make.

16. Back to village

One of the biggest challenges faced by all societies is the migration from villages to cities in search of livelihood. Write down your prescription for reversing this so that people in villages have access to means of livelihood in their place itself.

17. Back to Nature

Develop a roadmap for sustainable living by being close to nature in whatever we do.

18. Small is beautiful

Write your thoughts on how a minimalistic approach to life can result into huge savings in consumption of energy and resources of all kinds.Write about what would you prescribe.

19. Khadi

Khadi has the potential to make traditional artisans self reliant and reduce the pressures of migration to cities. If you believe that Khadi is still relevant, write an essay on how to revive it. Is Khadi sustainable?

20. Invest in education and health

Should we as a nation invest more in education and health? A large part of our population does not have access to quality education and health care. Write an essay on what would be your prescription for this problem?

21. My food choices

Would you eat based on what you like or would you rather eat what is good for you? Evolve a list of foods that you like as well as that would be healthy and wholesome. After all, you are what you eat.

22. Organic lifestyle and food

Do you believe that turning to organic lifestyle and food is the answer to most of our problems? If you believe in the organic way of life, write an essay on how and why.

23. Secrets to long and healthy life

Write your prescription for a long and healthy life. Refer to articles and papers, talk to people who have had a long life and try to discover the key to their longevity. Remember that it is not merely the number of years that is important but the quality of life as well.

24. Yoga and Ayurveda

The ancient science of Yoga and Ayurveda has seen a grand revival in recent years. If you believe that they hold the key to health and wellness, write an essay on why you think so.

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