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Revolutionary Wheel, essay by Krupa Oswal

Krupa Oswal, Symbiosis International School, Pune, Maharashtra

Shortlisted science essay from Khula Aasmaan essay competition for children

Essay by Krupa Oswal, Acharya Shree Vijay Vallabh School, Pune, Maharashtra.

This science essay is a shortlisted essay from Science Day 2019 essay competition for children. This essay contest was organised by Khula Aasmaan and Science Park, Pune.

In today’s world, the technology is developing at a precedent rate. The latest gadgets today are tomorrow’s antique. As a result of this rapid development, we often take things for granted. One of these is wheel. The wheel has been imbued with symbolic meanings, most famously, perhaps as a metaphor for never ending cycle of life.

The wheel is one of the most important invention. It can be credited to single or even several inventors. The inventor of wheel is not yet known. There is an evidence that wheels dates to about 5,500 years ago. The oldest known wheel was found in a archaeological excavation in Mesopotamia which is of about 3500 BC.

The wheel was invented at a very late stage in humans history. It was after the humans had started planting crops (farming), domesticating animals and other social activities.

The first wheel was not used for transportation, but for pottery. It is proved that the wheel was invented for making the pots, but later it was used for transportation, spinning wheel and gyroscope (which was a navigator).

Before the invention of wheel, the transportation was not as much as it is today. People used to walks or would simply use the animals for it. But as it took a lot of time and money the people used to travel nearby places.

But after the invention of it all changed. It is believed that the invention of wheel was just done once and the spreaded around the globe. The wheel was used first for pottery, than later, it was used as transportation. Today it we look around, we will see wheel everywhere be it as tyres or in form of everyday machinery. The wheels are used in vehicles, kitchen machinery, industrial machines, etc. in almost every machine a wheel is used.

If the wheel had not been invented, the transportation, technology would not had be progressed. It would had automatically after the world. We would not be to travel long distances. Aeroplanes, road vehicles, water vehicles would not be there and also railways which play a great role in our lives. This would also indirectly affect the world trade, communication between countries, different factors like education in abroad colleges and universities. Migration of people would have been not there. In country like India, which has different regions, languages would never got mixed. And India would have not been a diverse country. The wheel is symbolised as a

cultural and spiritual picture all over the world. The wheel is defined in many ways, with different meanings. In ancient china, the wheel was considered as a symbol of strength and health. It is also prominent in the flag of India, namely as Ashok Chakra which represents law. It is also found in the flag of Romani people hinting their nomadic tribes and their Indian origins.

Invention of wheel was a great thing as it also gave us some other important inventions that we are using them every day. This shows how revolutionary the invention of wheel was.

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