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If I were on Mars, science essay by Nipun Bachu

Nipun Bachu, Delhi Public School Bangalore South (DPS Bangalore South), Bengaluru, Karnataka

Shortlisted science essay from Khula Aasmaan essay competition for children

Essay by Nipun Bachu, class 7, Delhi Public School Bangalore South (DPS Bangalore South), Bengaluru, Karnataka

This science essay was part of the shortlist from Science Day essay contest for children. This children’s essay competition was conducted by Khula Aasmaan and Science Park, Pune.

Lying 54.6 million kilometer away from us lier a planet dotted with red mountains benches ice caps and swirling dust storms. This planet is none other than our rid planet. Mars named after the roman god of war. Many people have dreamed to go to Mars for a joyride, but for the present time being is isn’t as easy as it rounds. The gravity on mars for instance is only 22% of earth’s gravity which maker it hard to stand on its surface. Also step mountain dup trencher raying storms and inutility of its surface make an astronaut’s life tough. Still, use after this, I would be pleased to visit the red planet mainly due to scientific reasons. How are some of any interest in this planet.

First, the fact that scientists discovered water on Mars. Even though this water is poisonous, science can tell us whether it can be put to good use for future missions.

Sound the asteroid but which is a orbital but for small and big rocks can be studied much closely from Mars than on Earth.

Third, it has always remained a mystery to me how Mars two Moons Deimos and Phobos were found, they could bare fun two asteroids from the built of asteroids which come under the influence of the planets gradational force or would have found from the planet itself.

Fourth, the geography of the planet is very interesting and I would like to take a challenge to map the whole planet myself.

Last, if there was any signs of like on Mars be it tiny microbar or highly intelligent beings which have lid from us.

As an extra enjoyment I would also want to in the first one to climb the highest peak on Mars, Olympus Mars which is our 4 limes as big as Mount Everest.

Only time and science can being us 54.6 km closer to the vast universe and the way understand it.

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