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Experiments as language of Science, essay by Riya Jamdhade

Krupa Oswal, Symbiosis International School, Pune, Maharashtra

Shortlisted essay from Khula Aasmaan children’s essay competition

Essay by Riya Jamdhade, class 4, Podar International School, Parbhani Maharashtra

This science essay is part of the shortlist from Science Day essay contest for children organised by Khula Aasmaan and Science Park, Pune.

Science at school level is largely viewed as a practical. One that is thought using experiments, for instance. But effective teaching and learning requires language, whether it’s written in textbooks or shared orally during classroom discussions. Language is necessary even while doing practical work teachers must explain what they are doing & students need to ask question.

The Language of teaching and Learning In Indian state and other countries where many pupils do not learn in their home language, curriculum designers have judge the appropriateness of the language in which science is taught by considering whether it is the learners’ mother tongue or not.

Students learning in their mother tongue are generally thought to have an advantage over their counterparts who are being taught in a second or third language.

The general assumption among teachers in that all learning follows through smoothly once learners have attained some proficiency in the language of learning & teaching. But not anyone who is proficient in the language of teaching & learning for instance, English-excels in science.

The anatomy of words in the classroom The words that comprise the science classroom language fall into board components: the technical & non – technical. The former comprises technical words which are specific to a science subject.

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