Science contest by Khula Aasmaan results - Jan to March 2019

Science competition by Khula Aasmaan for the period from January to March 2019 was a science essay competition. During this quarter, the major event was a special science essay contest organised to celebrate National Science Day. This special contest for Science Day was jointly organised by Science Park, Savitribai Phule Pune University and Khula Aasmaan.

Essay competition

The essay contest by Khula Aasmaan allows the children and college students to select from a wide choice of interesting and stimulating essay themes. They are free to write their essay on any other theme of their choice as well.

Essay topics

Here is a list of essay themes :

  • Revolutionary wheel
  • Experiments is the language of Science
  • If I were on Mars
  • Kitchen Science
  • Future of Mobility
  • Electric Vehicles
  • My car can fly
  • Future of Computing
  • Will robots replace humans ?
  • Life in outer space
  • Artificial Intelligence - a blessing or a threat ?
  • Evolution - where are we headed
  • Screen vs. Paper
  • Search for new materials
  • Public Transport - solution for pollution
  • Water recycling at the point of consumption
  • Water as fuel
  • Energy self reliance for India
  • Food vs. Fuel
  • Back to village
  • Back to Nature
  • Small is beautiful
  • Khadi
  • Invest in education and health
  • My food choices
  • Organic lifestyle and food
  • Secrets to long and healthy life
  • Yoga and Ayurveds
  • Open

Results of Essay Contest

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