Khula Aasmaan

Khula Aasmaan - Art

Khula Aasmaan - ArtKhula Aasmaan is the new age platform for children which encourages creative thought and innovation. Find amazing artworks and stimulating content. Participate in Khula Aasmaan contests. Shortlisted children will get a dedicated web page for themselves apart from being eligible for several other benefits. To know more, write to us at or WhatsApp on +91-9325530547

Khula Aasmaan - Science

Khula Aasmaan - ScienceKhula Aasmaan’s vision is to encourage and empower children to be original thinkers and come up with ideas. This platform will encourage the participants to come up with ideas and create solutions to problems, using scientific principles. The focus is on creation of an idea and developing it for active problem solving using principles of science. Khula Aasmaan wants to encourage qualities of observation, curiosity, scientific thinking and creativity among children. We believe that these qualities will create young minds who are eager to explore science and solve problems.