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Beautiful Spaces by Chitra Vaidya
About the Exhibition


Beautiful Spaces by Chitra Vaidya

Mumbai based artist Chitra Vaidya presents her 1​5th solo exhibition of paintings and sketches titled “Beautiful Spaces” at ​Indiaart Gallery, Pune. This series has been conceptualised by​ Milind Sathe of Indiaart Gallery, who has also curated this show.


In the course of her travels to do sketching and painting, Chitra Vaidya realised that there were spaces which had a unique quality in them. These spaces were simple, warm and inviting. There was something magical about them which was irresistible. These were houses and churches from Goa, temples from Uttarakhand, small villages in Himachal and many more such spaces which had a unique charm about them.


Chitra has been working on this series of sketches and paintings titled “Beautiful Spaces”. The artworks on display include paintings in oil, acrylic and watercolours apart from pen & ink sketches.


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