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Subhash Pawar

Born :

  • 1955


Education :

  • 2013 : Ph. D. Appeared
  • 1999 : M. F. A. by Research (Applied Art) University of Mumbai
  • 1979 : G. D. Art (Applied Art)


Other Qualification :

  • 2000 : Certificate in Automation in Computer Course, Y.C.M.V., Nasik
  • 1997 : Shri Ambika Yog Kutir, Certificate Course
  • 1969 : Hindi Prathma Pariksha, Mumbai Hindi Vidyapeeth


Occupation :

  • Lecturer, Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Mumbai


Exhibitions :

  • 2012 : Exhibition of Drg. & Ptg. at Jehangir Art Galary, Mumbai
  • 2005 : Group Exhibition of ‘Ganesha’ at Mumbai Art Galary, Andheri, Mumbai
  • 2005 : Group Exhibition of ‘Ganesha’ at Bajaj Art Galary, Mumbai
  • 2004 : ‘Aaviskar’ Group Exhibition of Art Teachers at J. J. Institute of Applied, Mumbai
  • 2002 : Exhibition of Drg. & Ptg. on Astrology & Rural life, at Bajaj Art Galary
  • 2001 : Exhibition of Drg. & Ptg. at, Amalner, Jalgaon (M.S.)
  • 2001 : 'Aaviskar' Group Exhibition of Art Teachers at J. J. Inst. of Applied Art, Mumbai
  • 2000 : Exhibition of Drg. & Ptg. at Vishnudas Bhave Natyagruh Hall, Vashi, Navi Mumbai organised by Navi Mumbai Art Society
  • 2000 : Exhibition of Drg. & Ptg.of 'Ganesha' at Vashi Navi Mumbai
  • 1996 : Exhibition of Drg. & Ptg. at Navi Mumbai for Mentally Handicapped Children
  • 1995 : Exhibition of Drg. & Ptg.at Bajaj Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1988 : Exhibition of sketches, Marathi Sanskrutik Mandal at TAPS, Tarapur
  • 1988 : Exhibition of Drg. & Ptg. at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 1983 : Khandesh Darshan, Landscape Exhibition at Akhil Bhartiya marathi Sahitya Sanmelan, Jalgaon
  • Many more participations in State & National Exhibitions


Achievements :

  • 2012 : Special Cover Design for ‘Save Girls Child’(2011) & ‘International Women’s Day’ For Dept. of Post,Mumbai GPO
  • 2004 : Maharashrta State Award for Social Campaign on Subject of‘ Corruption’
  • 2000 : National Award Winning Entry for International Stamp Design Contest Organised by U.P.U. Subject on‘Dailogue Among Civilization’ was held in August 2000 by Dept. of Post., Govt. of India. A total of 124 entries were received from the circle all over the country. The entry was sent to U.P.U. for participation in the International competition
  • 1998 : Maharashtra State Award for Social Campaign on Subject of “Diversity” in the 38 th Maharashtra State Art Exhibition
  • 1998 : Consolation Prize in Poster Design for District Primary Education Programme, Govt.of Uttar Pradesh, Lukhnow
  • 1995 : Commemorative postage stamp on completion of fifty years of Prithvi Theatre, Mumbai selected by Dept. of post & Telegraph, Govt. of India. The Stamp was published on 1995
  • 1993 : Two Consolation Prizes in nation wide Care for the Environment Contest Organised by Environment & Forest Ministry, Govt. of India, New Delhi These Prizes have been Awarded on The Comic Strip in Marathi Language and Symbol category
  • 1990 : First Prize in Poster Design Competition by Central Election Committee of Shivsena Mumbai
  • 1990 : Consolation Prize in Poster Design Competition for Effects of Drugs organised by Social Welfare Department, Govt. of Maharashtra
  • 1986 : First Award in Poster Design Compeitition for Small Saving Dept of Govt of Maharashtra
  • 1985 : First Award in Logo Design Competition on National level for ICDS Scheme of Ministry of Women Social Welfare , Govt. of India, New Delhi Same was accepted as the design on the One rupee coin minted to mark the 15 years of ICDS in 1990.
  • 1985 : Encouragement Prize for Poster Design Competition for Department of Lottery of Govt. of Maharashtra
  • 1976 : Certificate in Handicraft Exhibition at Aurangabad
  • Participation in many Art Competitions in State, National & International level. Many prizes Won in various Art Competitions


Achievement in other Field :

  • As a Art Critic (weekly Columnist) for Daily Lokmat, Mumbai from March 2001
  • Studying on Astrology as hobby and publishesd many Articles in the Subject in Marathi Astrological Magazines - Grahankit, Bhagyashrisanket, Bhramdyan, Nakshatra Darpan, Yojak-Ek Madhyam, Krishnamurti Jotish Vidnyan, Nakshtrache Dene, etc. for last 24 Years
  • Articles about Art & Artist in Maharashtra times, Loksatta, Navakal, Samana, Sakal, Nave shahar, Nav Nagar, Navshakti Etc.
  • Biographical Articles on 126 Eminent Indian great Artists for Daily Sakal from 30 th june to 6th November 2008
  • Weekly astrological column in Lokdrushti, Vartadeep. Published some Articles in Marathi in maharashtra times, Loksatta, Lokmat, Navakal, Nave shahar, Nav Nagar, Navshakti , Pudhari, Samana, Sakal, Etc., and Many Diwali Magazines
  • 'Mahan Bhartiya Chitrakar' - A book on 150 Indian Artists published first time in Marathi - Oct 2012


Participation in Seminar :

  • 'Abhidnyana’ Seminar on Teaching Methodology in Visual Communication (Sponsored by AICTE.on 21 st June to & 2 nd July 2004.)
  • 'Chitra Kalpa' Seminar on Editorial Publishing Illustration (Sponsored by AICTE.on 28 th July to & 7 th August 2003.)
  • 'Disha Kalpa' Seminar on Interdisciplinary Perspecpective in Communication (Sponsored by AICTE.on 5 th to12 th March 2003)
  • 'Pradnya Kalpa' Seminar on Concept Oriented Communication. (Sponsored by AICTE.on 6th Dec to 17 Dec. 1999)
  • 'Sankalpan' Seminar on Applied Design Education (Organised by Directorate of Art, M.S. on 7th June to 12th June 1993)


  • Foolwali, Painting by Subhash Pawar
  • Fulrani, Painting by Subhash Pawar
  • Rest, Painting by Subhash Pawar
  • Shivpooja, Painting by Subhash Pawar