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Satish Ghatpande

Artist Satish Ghatpande

Satish Ghatpande is Illustrator and Photofinishing Artist for last 20 years with leading Advertising Agencies in Pune.

As the artist himself likes to put it - The medium holds endless possibilities and new ideas. The closer you get to one, a further more challenging one beckons !

He creates the vivid beauty of life through supple fingers and paper. He stretches the possibilities of paper willing to shape itself at the hands of the maestro.

He utilizes his penchant for meticulous detail and an almost unending storehouse of patience to bring alive figures, birds and landscape. The paper too, starts out just as plain and steadily rises to the occasion!

"Paper Magic" is his artistic effort to dissolve the unseen barriers created over the ages between art and its viewers.

Paper sculpture is a different kind of art. It is a direct form of expression. It denies the fact that art is always bound with a message or thought. So many times, layers of abstraction or a splash of inordinate colours draw the viewer away from the creation. Paper sculpture on the other hand strives to embrace the viewer without letting the mind wander for interpretation.

Intricate twists and turns make this amazing art a challenging proposition but for a true artist, that's where the fun begins!!

Born :

  • 1962


Education :

  • 1984 : G. D. Art (Applied), Abhinav Kala Mahavidyalaya, Pune


Exhibitions :

  • 2009 : Paper Magic, Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2008 : Paper Magic, Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2006 : Paper Magic, Bal Gandharva Kala Dalan, Pune
  • 2006 : Paper Birds & Dolls, Malaka Spice, Pune


Group Show :

  • 2009 : Nehru Centre Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2007 : Water Color Landscapes, Balgandharva Kaladalan, Pune
  • 2007 : Water Color Landscapes, Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2007 : Water Color Landscapes, Bhor Workshop, Pune
  • 2006 : Water Color Landscapes, Ganesh Kala Kendra, Pune
  • 2006 : Ganpati Show, Nirman, Pune


Workshops :

  • 2009 : Workshop / Demonstration of Paper Sculpture at Indiaart Gallery, Pune
  • 2007 : Workshop / Demonstration of Paper Sculpture for PIDILITE, Pune & Mumbai


Notable Assignments

  • 2005, 2004 : Livestock Development, Acrylic on canvas, size 4ft x 6 ft
  • 2004 : Shivaji Coronation, Oil on Canvas, Size 4 ft x 10 ft



  • Many private collections in India and abroad.


  • Cardinal, Painting by Satish Ghatpande
  • Humming, Painting by Satish Ghatpande
  • Royal Splendor, Painting by Satish Ghatpande
  • Sarja Raja, Painting by Satish Ghatpande