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Sadhana Raddi

Artist Sadhana Raddi

Artist Statement

"IMPRESSIONS" are the reactions gathered while leading a life replete with events, children, travels, competition of mundane formalities… probably all this compels to create mental and physical space for self… this turning inside propels me to paint... now after having decided to stop working on them, they look alien to me. Some are representational enough to relate with some conversation remains at an objective level where I find structures are dominating the composition but in most of them colour decides the mood of the painting.

Sadhana Raddi was born and educated in Mumbai.

She is a double post graduate. She has done her M. A. in Philosophy and M. A. in Ancient Indian Culture. After completing her Govt Diploma in drawing and painting. She participated in more than 10 group shows and held 12 solo shows in Mumbai. She was also invited to participate in the city’s major show such as "Harmony". Her work was auction by "Sotheby’s" London.

Sadhana has done art consultancy for various Hotels & Offices besides teaching History of Art in the art colleges.

She is currently working on her doctoral thesis-thought processes involved in creativity as her synopsis.

Sadhana lives and works in Mumbai.


  • Untitled - 1, Painting by Sadhana Raddi
  • Untitled - III, Painting by Sadhana Raddi
  • Untitled - IV, Painting by Sadhana Raddi
  • Untitled - II, Painting by Sadhana Raddi