Khula Aasmaan

Khula Aasmaan® - Science / खुला आसमान - विज्ञान


Khula Aasmaan - Science
Quarterly Contest | Free Entry
1 July to 31 September 2018
For Children
5 - 15 years
Sci Fi Challenge
Write a science fiction short story set in the year 2047. (to mark 100 years of India’s independence)
School Bag Challenge
Develop a school bag which is multipurpose and flexible. It should be able to carry your books, notebooks, pens, pencils, tiffin, water bottle and other things you need to carry. It should be lockable, spillage proof, waterproof and traceable. You are welcome add features of your choice.
Toy Challenge
Conceptualise a toy which will challenge thinking and skills. You can create a toy for yourself, your friends, your parents, grandparents and others.
Bus Challenge
Design non polluting public transport for commuting or moving around in your city or town.
Save Water Challenge
Develop methods or devices to reduce water usage, recycle and reuse waste water. This could be for your home, community or school.
You are welcome to submit any other idea or concept for a problem you wish to solve.