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Khula Aasmaan - Science
खुला आसमान - विज्ञान



Khula Aasmaan’s vision is to encourage and empower children to be original thinkers and come up with ideas. This platform will encourage the participants to come up with ideas and create solutions to problems, using scientific principles. The focus is on creation of an idea and developing it for active problem solving using principles of science.

Khula Aasmaan wants to encourage qualities of observation, curiosity, scientific thinking and creativity among children. We believe that these qualities will create young minds who are eager to explore science and solve problems.

Format and Contest Details

  • Quarterly contest, two age groups - 5 to 15
  • Submit your idea in the form of a note (max 300 words) or a sketch with description or a video (max 1 minute)
  • Submission is 24 x 7, online and free, use the form provided
  • Shortlist for each quarterly contest will be announced within 30 days from the last date of submission
  • Shortlisted children will be expected to submit a detailed note or plan in the form of an essay or detailed schematic or a video.
  • All detailed submissions will be evaluated to pick up medal winners and honourable mentions.
  • Shortlisted children who submit a detailed note will get a dedicated web page which will be managed for next 3 years. They will be encouraged to submit new ideas and concepts which will be published on this page.
  • Khula Aasmaan will strive to create opportunities for mentorship, workshops, summer projects for the medal winning children.

Contest Dates

  • First contest will open on 1 July 2018 and will close on 30 September 2018.
  • Subsequently, the contests will align with Khula Aasmaan - Art contest and will follow the same quarterly cycle as that of the current Khula Aasmaan - Art contest.

Contest Challenges


Children should submit their responses to the challenges mentioned below. The participants are expected to come up with ideas and create solutions to problems by using scientific principles. The focus is on creation of an idea and developing it for active problem solving using principles of science.


  • Define the problem clearly
  • The solution should be based on scientific principles
  • The solution is intended to be long term
  • Preference should be to use locally available resources and materials as far as possible
  • Cost of implementing your solution should be appropriate and justifiable
  • Come up with your own ideas

Challenges for the age group 5 to 15


1) Sci Fi Challenge

Write a science fiction short story set in the year 2047 (to mark 100 years of India’s independence)

2) School Bag Challenge

Develop a school bag which is multipurpose and flexible. It should be able to carry your books, notebooks, pens, pencils, tiffin, water bottle and other other things you need to carry. It should be lockable, spillage proof, waterproof and traceable. You are welcome add features of your choice.

3) Toy Challenge

Conceptualise a toy which will challenge thinking and skills. You can create a toy for yourself, your friends, your parents, grandparents and others.

4) Bus Challenge

Design non polluting public transport for commuting or moving around in your city or town.

5) Save Water Challenge

Develop methods or devices to reduce water usage, recycle and reuse waste water. This could be for your home, community or school.

6) Open

You are welcome to submit a solution any other idea or concept for a problem you wish to solve.