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Painting of a Circus by J S Anshika

Child artist J S Anshika (12 years) from Bengaluru, Karnataka, talks about her painting of a circus. This painting was shortlisted in Khula Aasmaan drawing and painting competition for children and young adults. (January to March 2021)

Painting of a circus by J S Anshika

Painting Description

Painting Title : The Circus
Medium : Color pencils
Size : A3
Base : Paper
Description : I love seeing the Circus
Note by Anshika’s parents : Anshika has drawn a Circus on paper using different colours like red, blue, yellow. When she visited a circus, she was awestruck by the difficult stunts performed by the performing artists and animals. She was totally inspired by them as they performed all these difficult stunts with a smile on their face.

Anshika talks about her painting

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