Photo Number 10240
Photo Title Fractals in the Sky
Photographer Name Milind Sathe
Information Fractals in the Sky is the new name for this picture. I shot this picture one evening in Bangalore. We were at a clothing boutique where I had nothing much to do after a quick round, as I rarely do any shopping in expensive boutiques. From the main entrance to the store, I noticed this magnificent tree with its branches spread wide and making their mark under the sky. The evening was setting in. The light had started to fade. I walked across to be under this tree. I looked up and this is what I saw. The expanse of the branches of this tree was large. They looked beautiful, mystical and somewhat scary. Scary because they appeared almost like tentacles of an octopus.

The title for this print which is “Fractals in the Sky”, was not the original title. The original title was “Tentacles in the Sky”.After several people saw this picture, there was a response especially from the community of scientists and science educators that this picture reminds them of fractals. It was then that I decided to rename this picture to “Fractals in the Sky”.

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