Draught Beer at a Bengaluru pub, photograph by Milind Sathe

Draught Beer at a Bengaluru pub, Photo by Milind Sathe

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Photo Number 10193
Photo Title Draught Beer at a Bengaluru pub
Photographer Name Milind Sathe
Information Beer guzzling happens at an industrial scale in some of these pubs at Bengaluru. Great atmosphere to be in, huge energy of the young available on tap. They must be discussing movies, politics and not to forget start-ups in the current age. If cafes were the addas of yesteryears, it is surely these pubs which will churn out new ideas, enterprises and may be youth movements. Must thank Sonali and Gautam Khot who not only pointed us to some of these energetic places but also joined us in the last two years. (2015)