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Vranda Phadke

Artist Vranda Phadke Born and brought by holding hands with greens of Western Ghats, Vranda has always been enthusiastic about the colors and beauty of the nature.

Inspired by her grandfather D. P. Narayana Chiplunkar who was a National Award winner for his Temple Art and also her artistically talented family as a whole, her scribbles grew into patterns and then molded into shapes, and it never seems to be losing the threads of passion.

The opportunity to live in USA for few years, her free time opened the windows for her to emerge her inherited talents. Being self-taught she started brushing in oil painting, water colors, acrylic and pencil sketches. Always been open to learn from talented people around, her aesthetic knowledge and painting skills have been developed day by day.

By understanding the requirement of putting it into a disciplined frame, started her Bachelors in Fine arts in painting. Besides, she is extremely fascinated towards fashion designing and stitching, craft activities, music and dance.


  • Ganesha, Painting by Vranda Phadke
  • Shadow Princes, Painting by Vranda Phadke
  • Confusion, Painting by Vranda Phadke
  • Yakshagana, Painting by Vranda Phadke