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Ratnamala Indulkar

Artist Ratnamala Indulkar Artist Statement :

A graduate from Mumbai University followed by Diploma in Computer Studies from Apple Leasing in Mumbai. I worked as IT Professional for 18 years in and out of India. Experienced the corporate side of life.

However, my passion of art and painting never withered away. I tried to paint on weekends or in my free time. Being a IT professional and a mother of two, hobby did not get through the hectic life and daily routine.

After many years, now that my daughters have chosen their paths in life, I decided to turn slowly to my hobby and spend my time in pursuing my passion of painting. I started my art journey with a Warli painting workshop. My painting mediums are Acrylic and Watercolour. One would find most of my paintings to be Landscapes, Floral paintings or Seascapes because of my love for nature.


  • Golden Boulevard, Painting by Ratnamala Indulkar

  • Immortal Blue, Painting by Ratnamala Indulkar

  • Blushing Pink Rose, Painting by Ratnamala Indulkar

  • The Winter Villa, Painting by Ratnamala Indulkar