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Emerging Artists

Mukta Kamplikar

Artist Mukta Kamplikar Artist Statement :

I solely follow the quote of the great artist Vincent Van Gogh, "Do not quench your inspiration and your imagination, do not become the slave of your model". Since childhood I am having interest in landscape painting, portrait painting and making handicrafts. I like to exhibit on canvas whatever I feel fascinating in the surroundings in my own way of beauty. I believe painting can be a therapy for those who love doing it. It can keep them lively in any serious situation in life.

I love life in all its colors, hues, textures, tones and symphonies. I live in the moment and I paint with passion. I paint my interpretations, not objects or themes. And so my work is me.

I am a self-taught artist. I use loaded brush, thick and bold colors and I blur lines for I do not like boundaries. Mixing colors helps me understand relationships and love but most importantly they bring parts of me together. Thatís how important they are!

I have held solo shows in Pune, and have participated in Group shows and several connoisseurs of art have appreciated my work.

I am passionate about poetry as well and feel wonderful about my poem books "Traces Faces Lives Spaces" and "Of the Purple Kite". I do appreciate other forms of art like music, dance and theatre as well.

At "work", I lead Talent management at Cummins India Ltd, Pune. I hold a Masters degree in Business Economics, a Ph.D. in Marketing Management (2003). I am a post doctoral fellow of AMDISA (Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia) fellowship, Commonwealth Secretariat and am an alumnus of Whartonís Accelerated Development programme in Management (2014).


Exhibitions :

  • 2013 : Monsoon - Ark Art Gallery, Pune
  • 2013 : Scapes - Gallery Beyond, Mumbai
  • 2013 : India Art festival - Nehru Center, Mumbai (in Dec.)
  • 2011 : Traces Faces Lives Spaces - Darpan Art Gallery, Pune
  • 2010 : Urban Emotion - Bliss Art Gallery, Koregaon Park, Pune


  • Abandoned house at ashornehill, Painting by Mukta Kamplikar
  • Bottled emotion, Painting by Mukta Kamplikar
  • Corporate, Painting by Mukta Kamplikar
  • Tequila, Painting by Mukta Kamplikar