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Karuna Rao

Artist Karuna Rao Artist Statement :

I have been a fashion designer, for more than eight years,over these years I have realised that I have a strong inclination towards developing surfaces through textures. I have a passion for creating new designs, my style is very abstract abstract expressionism, non objective, non-representational, based on emotions, inner experience, feelings, exploring the inner world.


My style of art answers the following questions, I have all the answers in my questions :

  • Am I trying to figure out what it looks like or represent rather than allowing something to emerge from what I see in front of me?
  • Abstract expressionism derives its equation from colour, line, form or texture.
  • How do these elements interact with each other?
  • What emotions does the painting evoke?
  • What is the title of the painting, and what is this influencing what I see?
  • Have I allowed enough time to make a connection with the painting?

Abstraction allows me to be free…..
It allows me to express my happy personality


  • Compassion explosion, Painting by Karuna Rao
  • Family, Painting by Karuna Rao
  • Innocense, Painting by Karuna Rao
  • Peace, Painting by Karuna Rao