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Ambika Wahi

Artist Ambika Wahi Artist Statement :

A release of energy like lightning bolts. The power is extraordinary yet there is a calm and composure that holds me up and embraces me in its arms. Bringing forth strength, courage, growth, peace,tranquillity and flight within. There is this strength of solitude that makes me look inward to that place of calm and quiet bringing out compassion, contentment and gratitude with wings to make me fly, breakfree and surge ahead.

It's the strength and beauty coming from within taking me into a new world, a world full of colours and life in all its glory. Setting me on a path of reconnecting at a deeper level with myself and comprehending emotions. It's like an eye looking at itself without a mirror. It's the mind looking at itself and seeing nothing.

I am a full time artist based out of Gurgaon. Trained under renowned artist Mrs Kavita Jaiswal. I am a post graduate in sales and marketing. Since the last four years have been pursuing my passion for art. I like working with oils on canvas and soft pastels on paper.

Participated in a group show at the India Habitat Centre New Delhi in December 2015.


  • Homecoming - 1, Painting by Ambika Wahi
  • Game of Time - 2, Painting by Ambika Wahi
  • Homecoming - 2, Painting by Ambika Wahi
  • Unfolding, Painting by Ambika Wahi