Space Colonization, painting by Nishtha Sharma

Space Colonization

Honorable Mention in Khula Aasmaan painting contest for children

Shortlisted Honorable Mention


Art Number 23409
Artwork Title Space Colonization
Artist Name Nishtha Sharma
Medium Acrylic on Paper
Size 16.53 x 11.69 inches (41.9862 x 29.6926 cm)
Price Rs. 5,600 ($75.98)
Information Will one day humans be able to explore the land of mars? Will we achieve our sweet dream of colonizing space? Is space settlement a possibility in near future? Several people and space agencies including NASA & me think that it is a definite 'yes'. Humans, with the help of evolving technologies, will set foot on the moon and mars & beyond not to just go once and come back, but to establish colonies there. My painting shows what I would like space settlement to be in more of an abstract manner. 'Science' has given us the power todo the impossible and 'Art' has given us the freedom & potential to represent the impossible.

This painting by child artist Nishtha Sharma (14 years) received a Honorable Mention in Khula Aasmaan kids drawing contest for January to March 2020.

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