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Shobha Majumdar - New addition to Emerging Artists in Indiaart.com

28 August 2017

Shobha Majumdar - New addition to Emerging Artists in Indiaart.com


Shobha Majumdar, a self taught artist, took to painting to satisfy her creative urge. Over the years, she has worked on a number of themes which are mostly based on life, nature and the interplay between them. Shobha uses her art as a means of making a statement on various issues such as destruction of nature and the need for regeneration. Her painting - Balance - uses geometric forms to depict the concept of balance. She also uses her brush to create paintings of a totally different genre which show part of our day to day lives and aspirations. Her painting - Interlude - depicts women in conversation during the much needed break from the day to day chores. She has used abstraction to paint this subject. The painting - Dreams - takes the viewer to the world of dreams and connect with an altogether different world.

She prefers to work in mixed media on paper as well as in acrylic on canvas.


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