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Natubhai Mistry

Artist Natubhai Mistry Natu Mistry, a senior artist from Ahmedabad is known as one of the finest illustrators of our times.

Natubhai's use of thin layers of Acrylic colours, particularly two predominating tones of blue and brown in most of his compositions, shows his understanding of the medium and its ability to create lively environment of different streets and homes he has rendered in his streetscapes. They are realistically created with his firm, confident and brisk brush Strokes. His use of white strokes creating highlights add a new dimension to the compositions and produce special light and movement. They create a romantic atmosphere due to his special and unique treatment of light and shade.

Natubhai has evolved his own individualistic style in these works.

Awards :

  • 1999 : South Central Zone Cultural Center, Nagpur


Collections :

  • Paintings are with many art lovers in India and Abroad.


See videos by Natubhai Mistry:


  • Untitled - 39, Painting by Natubhai Mistry
  • Untitled - 21, Painting by Natubhai Mistry
  • Untitled - 87, Painting by Natubhai Mistry
  • Untitled - 71, Painting by Natubhai Mistry