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Milan Sharma

Artist Milan Sharma Artist Statement :

My work is a display of visual vocabulary. A vocabulary of thoughtful emotions. This display is not a mere reflection of an imitation of apparent world, but an elemental configuration that take dip inside my endless river of 'self', the self with full of emotions and episodes, apparently incoherent yet strong formally. It is this mental process that is filtered and transformed into pictorial format of my own. These, apparently incoherent elements, perhaps are the impressions deep in my personality, childhood recollections along with multilayered experiences of past and present is my present day painting - a total weave. The elements, unsuppressed, are essentially free forms of my visual vocabulary, free of non-essential details. As a painter I put it all together to create a possible composition on a two dimensional space by adding or subtracting imageries (imageries not necessarily of scientific bearings). With the result my works have an aroma of a dream or depiction of some event, free from the scientific bondages. Elements in my canvass appear as if free from gravitational force yet create a space of their own. My works deviate from the 'formal' notions of aestheticism to strike emotion out of emotional composition and mental perceptions. The memories that cast a fragrance ambience, around wherever I feel surrounded by such air, find myself plunged into memory lane to portray creative insight.

Since I belongs to a hilly pocket of Jammu and Kashmir in India, and had spent most of my primary years in small place like Panchari and Udhampur, the area as is least exposed to the modern times has retained its original culture and traditions. Which is embellished with folk lore fairytales and mystifying characters. Acquaintances and experiences with such places has, I believe have pawed a great deal of path in my present way of doing painting. I believe these places have created inspiration and process creative urge.

  • At Present serving in Painting Department as Teaching Faculty in Institute of Music and Fine Arts, University of Jammu.


Born :

  • 1978


Education :

  • 2013 : Ph. D in Visual Arts from Delhi University
  • M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts) in painting from Delhi college of arts New Delhi
  • B.F.A. (Bachelor in Fine Arts) painting from institute of Music and fine arts, Jammu


Exhibitions :

  • 2016 : Kala Kendra, Jammu


Group Shows :

  • 2009 : Artist from J&K, group show in M.F. Hussain Gallery, Jamia Milia Islamia University, Delhi
  • 2009 : “Strains of Himayalan Spirit” Group show at Aparana Arts Gallery New Delhi (Curated by Keshav Malik, Art Critic)
  • 2008 : South Asian women exhibition at Kashmir University organized by SAF Foundation
  • Participated Jammu festival at Kala Kender Organized by Jammu Tourism


Participations :

  • 2016 : Group Show at Lalit Kala Tri-vision
  • 2015 : Participation in group show organized by Khajuro Art Mart
  • 2014 : Participation in group show organized by Tilting Art Gallery, Eshanya Mall at Pune
  • 2012 : From Facts to Values, An exhibition of Paintings and Sculptures at Jehangir Art Gallery, Mumbai
  • 2011 : Participation in NOSTALGIA, Group exhibition Organized in Jawahar Kala Kendra, Jaipur
  • 2010 : Participation in group exhibition Organized by Abhivyakti Group form lucknow at Ravinder Bhawan, New Delhi
  • 2006 : Participation in Group Show “Vibrations” in Ahamdabad
  • 2003 : Participation in State Exhibition in Collaboration with Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
  • 2002 : Group show in Rabinder Bhawan, New Delhi
  • 2001-02 : Annual art Exhibition at college of art, New Delhi
  • 2001 : Sponsored group Show in Krishna Art Collection Defense Colony, New Delhi
  • 1996-98 : Participation in State exhibition in J&K Academy of art Culture and Languages, Jammu
  • Annual art exhibition in J&K academy of art Culture and Languages, Jammu


Camps/Workshops :

  • 2015 : National Camp at Shimla organized by master Sansar Chand Baru trust and NZCC Patila
  • 2015 : National Painter Camp at Patnitop organized by master Sansar Chand Baru trust
  • 2013 : All India painters camp at Kargil organized by J&K Academy of Arts, Culture and Languages
  • 2011 : All India painters camp organized by AIFACS at New Delhi
  • 2010 : All India Painters Camp organized by J&K Academy of Art, Culture and Languages
  • 2007 : Painters and Sculptors camp organized by Bhaderwah development authority at Bhaderwah
  • 2006 : National art festival organized by Lalit Kala academy in collaboration with J&K academy of art, Culture and Languages at Kala Kendre
  • 2006 : Painters and Sculptors camp in Ahmadabad
  • 2004 : Platinum Jubilee celebration in J&K Organized by AIFACS, New Delhi
  • 2003 : All India Painters Camp in Mansar Jammu organized by J&K Academy in collaboration Lalit Kala Academy New Delhi
  • 2003 : Interactive workshop for visual artist. “Creating in terror” organized by Maharaja Suraj Mal Institute of Education Jammu
  • 2002 : Participated in painters camp organized by AIFACS New Delhi
  • 2002 : Celebration of “Melody and Rhythm” in memory of Smt. Indra Gandhi Birth Anniversary at 10 Janpath New Delhi
  • 1999 : Painters Camp by J&K Cultural Academy collaboration with NZCC Patiala


Awards :

  • 2009, 1996 : Merit certificate in State Annual Art exhibition from J&K Academy of art, culture & language, Jammu
  • 2000-02 : Merit scholarship from college of Art, New Delhi
  • 2000-02 : National scholarship (painting) from the ministry of Human recourse and Development, Govt. of India
  • 1996 : First prize in on the spot painting competition organized by J&K Academy of Art, culture and languages


Seminar :

  • Participated in Seminar (wall paintings of Jammu) organized by Dogri Sansta Jammu


Radio Talks :

  • Three Radio talks in Hindi & Dogri on Visual Art at Radio-Station Jammu


Collections :

  • Bhaderwah Development Authority
  • J&K Cultural Academy
  • College of Art New Delhi
  • Sahitya Kala Parishad, New Delhi
  • A unilazer group of companies, UTV
  • Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi
  • J&K Academy of art culture and languages, NZCC Patiala
  • Amar Mahal Museum, Jammu
  • Surajmal Education Institute, R S Pura, Jammu
  • Private collections at Finland, Korea, USA


  • In the memory lane, Painting by Milan Sharma
  • My Village, Painting by Milan Sharma
  • Romance with Nature, Painting by Milan Sharma
  • Towards Destination, Painting by Milan Sharma