Hurry, painting by Namrata Biswas

Hurry, Painting by Artist Namrata Biswas

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Hurry , bull , animal , bulls


Art Number 6533
Artwork Title Hurry
Artist Name Namrata Biswas
Medium Acrylic on Canvas
Size 30 x 42 inches (76.2 x 106.68 cm)
Price Rs. 45,000 ($610.58)
Information Just linger a while , What's the great hurry?
Have patience and look around and tarry.
Be like Nandi chewing on Shiva's special weed.
The roads will always travel to compete
Cheat them and break the speed,
Look around to soak in the offbeat.
Notice the slight reflections on dark colours
Which tints the black with mystical greys?
It can lead astray even the staid scholars!
Listen to echoes of laughter haunting the unnamed street
Be merry travelling the wrong way in a one way traffic stream
Free the Minotaur trapped in the labyrinth
Be like Taurus twinkling from the star fabric.
Let each one vibrate with the unique sensations
Challenge the world, celebrate quirky creations!

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