Assimilation of bits of me, painting by Puspanjali Sharma

Assimilation of bits of me, Painting by Artist Puspanjali Sharma

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Art Number 28403
Artwork Title Assimilation of bits of me
Artist Name Puspanjali Sharma
Medium Acrylic on Canvas board
Size 40 x 1 x 30 inches (101.6 x 2.54 x 76.2 cm)
Information “Assimilation of bits of me” I am Puspanjali & I am a person who loves to nurture and grow, in one word, a mother. Through my self portrait I have gathered together the unexpressed scattered fragments of me that embodies my true self. This portrait is an honest manifestation of me in its elemental form. Faithful & content like our pet, Plasto; with complete devotion, dedication & self-sacrifice for the ones I love, are some of the traits we share in common. I find the charismatic, caring me of my yester-years in my daughter. She is my invincible, courageous expression. An extrovert, daring version of the unexpressed socially-bound introvert me. She is the free me grounded securely to her roots. A humming bird visits me in my balcony garden every day. I somehow associate with it as I vent my thoughts humming in songs whose lyrics resonates with my thoughts. I am eager to learn, collecting the nectar of knowledge from everywhere around. I have picked some specific flowers which I grow in my garden to signify my apparently dormant yet very much alive qualities in me. Marigold: the warm & creative White hibiscus: I try to maintain the purity of thoughts because it yields me with a blissful everyday experience White Rose: Preserving Loyalty & innocence even it gets difficult to stop thinking otherwise. Pink Rose: Gratitude towards my parents, spouse & child for providing me with love, security & purpose. Sunflower: Adorning my soul as I feel it blooming Blue Pea: (Aparajita) undefeatable in my thoughts The in-depth depiction of my traits in my self portrait lucently demonstrates all of me in its fundamental form - “ Assimilation of the bits of me

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