Ainkara Ganapathi, painting by Shahraj M

Ainkara Ganapathi

painting by Shahraj M

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Art Number 28348
Artwork Title Ainkara Ganapathi
Artist Name Shahraj M
Medium Oil on Canvas
Size 36 x 24 inches (91.44 x 60.96 cm)
Information Ganapathy, the god with human body and elephant head, his trunk is counted as fifth hand along with other hands, praised as Iyngara Ganapathy (Five Handed Ganapathy). This painting is the result of a thought that, turning the other four hands into trunks would make him powerful as five elephants. In this painting, many ideas including, inner meaning of Ganapathy form, Ganapathy Chakra, philosophy of Pramatma and Jeevatma, philosophies in Shiva - Shakthi embodiment and tantric principles are depicted.

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